Friday, November 22, 2013

Mississippi Unemployment Rate Remains High Under Republican Leadership

New unemployment statistics show Mississippi's October unemployment rate remained flat at 8.5 percent.

For perspective, Mississippi's unemployment rate in October 2000 was 5.4 percent and the rate in October 2008 was 7.3 percent. February 2009 was the last time our state's unemployment rate was below 8.5 percent.

This is the most alarming statistic in the article:
The labor force declined by more than 7,000 people between September and October. Mississippi's labor force has fallen every month in 2013.
Phil Bryant is walking on quicksand. Bryant talks a big game about all the jobs he's supposedly created, but the numbers do not lie. The Republican leadership of our state continues to give away the store to their well-off friends, at taxpayers' expense, while the average Mississippi family struggles with stagnant wages and shrinking educational and economic opportunities.


David said...

Joe Nosef's August 28th interview with the Clarion Ledger:

Unlike the nation here in Mississippi the economy is strong. Mississippi's economy totaled more than $100 billion for the first time. Since taking office, Phil has announced the creation of 7,298 new jobs and more than $1.1 billion in private sector investment to date. Have announced 4,659 of those jobs in 2013. 2012: 2,674 new jobs (plus 400 retained jobs), $455,560,000 in company investment. White taxes and regulations are going up in Washington, the Governor has taken both of those in opposite direction. Obviously though there is much more to do and progress to make. I think he thinks about that all the time and I talked to him this morning about some projects he is excited about.

Kristina said...

What your comment says is that those who had money are making more money not that there are more jobs in Mississippi because if that was the case the unemployment levels would be going down not staying the same or going up. I know in my area people are begging for jobs.