Thursday, November 14, 2013

In light of the unmasking of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, a look back in time...

Yesterday, when the Center for Media and Democracy released their report showing the Mississippi Center for Public Policy (MCPP) to be funded by a network of large corporations and right-wing lunatics, the exchange between an employee of the MCPP and myself in the comments section of this previous post didn't come to mind.  I was reminded of it by David McDowell, though, who doesn't miss much.  Here's the particular comment that is now laughable in light of yesterday's revelations:

Now, you might remember Jake McGuire as the guy whose personal attacks on senators via twitter was partially blamed for Joel Bomgar being denied a spot on the State Board of Education.  But that's not really the issue here.

The issue here is that the Mississippi Center for Public Policy advocated vociferously for charter schools.  Whilst their Communications Coordinator denied being funded by "giant corporations" like K12, Inc., which made over $730M last year alone by running charter schools.

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