Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chris McDaniel: The Original Not Ready For Primetime Player

Has the McDaniel for Senate campaign already run out of gas? His campaign website is currently down and there was no evidence of any campaign material at the Ole Miss/Missouri game yesterday.


bill said...

Matt, are you sure about this? A man named Chris McDaniel ran for election to the state senate in Kentucky and is currently serving. This could well be his campaign web site that he shut down after the election. Maybe not, but doesn't that possibility deserve your cursory review before you publish something that might turn out to be completely false?

Matt Eichelberger said...

Bill, two things:

First, Ryan posted this. You can tell the author of each post by reading to the end of the post and looking at the line "Posted by...".

Second, if you Google "Chris McDaniel ms senate", is the first result, and the Google preview (the first few lines of text on the webpage at the time Google indexed the site) for the McDaniel's now suspended campaign webpage is the following: "A new PPP poll shows state Senator Chris McDaniel is well positioned to win the 2014 U.S. Senate race in Mississippi." (I've got the screenshot, but I'm on my iPad and can't easily upload it.) I understand where you're coming from, as McDaniel has a fairly common name. But Ryan's got the right guy.

Unknown said...

The Chris McDaniel site is back online. Nice website. Much nicer than Thad Cochran's site.

The story about the Secretary of State's online report is not surprising. The sites are an embarrassment.