Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ladies: Don't Lose Your Right to Vote

Ladies - listen up! If you are recently married or divorced and have changed your name, you will not be allowed to vote if your name in the voter registration poll books doesn’t match your ID. And, the Republicans (or "conservative county leaders") will be looking for you, as David pointed out in his recent post about a manual on how to suppress voting using voter ID.

Let's add my name to Jeppie's list of potential voters:

My registration lists Kate Marie Jacobson, but my new married name is Kate Jacobson Dutro. No voting for me.

But why in the world would they want to prevent little old me from voting? It couldn’t be because they are trying to get personhood back on the ballot in 2015, and women (and many men) soundly defeated that ridiculous measure already?

According to a study by the Brennan Center for Justice, it was estimated only 66% of women have an ID with their current legal name. So ⅓ of women could be knocked out from voting on election day - including me.

I’ll have my business in order on Election Day - these guys aren't going to stop me from voting. Ladies - they are playing politics with your rights in the personhood initiative by putting it on the 2015 ballot, and they are playing politics with your rights and countless others rights to vote with voter ID.


Gortyn said...

I'm a little confused. I'm making assumptions, but you probably let the Social Security Administration know you were changing your name; you'll probably get a new driver's license and passport with your new name; you may even go so far as to let your bank know you are changing your name. Notwithstanding changing your name for a number of privileges, you are now expressing doubt to having to change your name for a right? I fail to see the moral outrage?

Unknown said...

I can go ahead and explain that one for ya, Gortyn.. The moral outrage and all that glittery stuff is because the Republicans are "looking for her". I, like you, wondered the same thing. And then I remembered how much people like to hide behind the broken reputation of the Republican party in order to avoid personal responsibility. And to fill that awkward sense of emptiness inside, let's also just go ahead and start a movement about nothing and take a stand against, again, practically nothing which will in the end achieve, you guessed it, NOTHING..

Lady.. just go update your ID for gods sake. lol