Tuesday, September 3, 2013

GOP Adviser Breaks with Bryant over Nuclear Plans

Andy Taggart, a senior consultant within state Republican Party ranks, took to Twitter over the weekend to vent his displeasure with Governor "Three Mile" Bryant's plans to store nuclear waste in Mississippi/invest in nuclear component manufacturing/recycle nuclear waste.
Sometimes, friends ask for political advice. I never thought I had to include, "Don't come out for nuclear waste storage in MS." #GoodGrief
Taggart has been active in Mississippi Republican politics before it was popular. He has proven himself to be an effective and respected leader for his party. Heck, he's just a nice guy.

He has co-written a number of books on Mississippi politics and co-hosts the Red Blue Review on WLBT. On this week's episode of the Review, Taggart knew he was walking into the line of fire on his party's embrace of Bryant's plan(s). Once the issue got too uncomfortable, Taggart was eager to change the subject. You can watch the clip HERE.

Even folks like Taggart know this issue is too hot to handle. While Governor Bryant seems to be doubling down, advisers like Taggart know to fold.

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