Friday, August 30, 2013

Bryant Begins Full-Scale Retreat

Governor "Three Mile" Bryant's plan to store nuclear waste in Mississippi has gotten too hot for him to handle. Now, Bryant is changing his tune about his goals for nuclear waste in Mississippi.

WDAM reports that Bryant is only interested in recycling spent nuclear energy. But wait. Earlier this week, Bryant said he was interested in the manufacturing element. Even the WDAM article notes that Bryant admitted that meetings with the Mississippi Energy Institute have centered around advances in nuclear science and nuclear energy component manufacturing.

What has changed in one week where we have gone from hollowing out salt domes to store nuclear waste to having a discussion about manufacturing and recycling?

It appears Bryant is seeing the public turn against nuclear storage in droves. Is Bryant trying to save face by saying Mississippi won't store it but will recycle it? Nice try, but you can't recycle it unless you store it. So if we can't store it, is Bryant's project dead on arrival?

Bryant's position on his own nuclear waste plan will likely change before the end of the day so stay tuned for updates. For now, it seems Bryant is in retreat mode.

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