Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Politico: "Mississippi's Medicaid Plan May Fail"

In today's edition of Politico, Kyle Cheney, writes about the ongoing battle struggle floundering of responsibility from Governor Bryant over the seemingly obvious decision to expand Medicaid.

There are a couple of good quotes here, some that have become old-hat in these parts, including that of House Minority Leader, Rep Bobby Moak:
The federal government will pay for expansion for the first three years, then gradually scale back to paying 90 percent of the cost.
“I feel confident that the members of the House will make a decision that’s best for their district,” Moak said.
As well as industry leaders that see the need:
Mississippi has the most to gain from Medicaid expansion. Conversely, we also have the most to lose,” said Roy Mitchell, executive director of the Mississippi Health Care Access Program. “We’re at the bottom of all the health indicator lists. If we do not expand Medicaid, we will solidify our place at the bottom for at least a generation to come.”

 Hospitals and nursing homes, too, are fretting.

“We continue encouraging Mississippi legislators to come to an agreement quickly to fund the existing Medicaid program beyond June 30, so it does not cause any disruption in services to our nursing home residents,” said Vanessa Phipps Henderson, executive director of the Mississippi Health Care Association.
National eyes are on our state to do the right thing for its people, especially since so many partisan Republicans have already seen the writing on the wall. 

How far will Governor Bryant go to avoid giving Democrats a political victory?

And does he know that his actions could lead to his state's long term defeat?

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