Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MS Democratic Party and MDT joint press release: "This is what teamwork can do"

The following is a joint press release from the Mississippi Democratic Trust and the Mississippi Democratic Party on yesterday's elections:


JUNE 5, 2013

JACKSON – Democrats enjoyed major historic victories in yesterday’s mayoral races, including sweeping four races targeted by the Mississippi Republican Party: Tupelo, Starkville, Meridian, and Ocean Springs.

In Tupelo, 37 year old Jason Shelton became the first Democrat elected to the mayor’s office in nearly thirty years.  The people of Tupelo rejected dirty politics and Republican power plays.

Parker Wiseman won reelection despite facing strong opposition from Governor Phil Bryant and the Mississippi GOP.  Starkville will continue to progress under Parker's leadership.

In Meridian, Percy Bland became the city’s first African-American mayor and the first Democratic mayor in a generation.  Despite direct meddling from Phil Bryant, the people of Meridian chose their own mayor.

Connie Moran became the first mayor of Ocean Springs elected to a third term.  She defeated another handpicked and strongly backed crony of the state and local Republican establishment.

Rickey Cole, Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party said, “Our success was not limited to a single region of the state.  We swept to victory in towns from the North Mississippi Hill Country, to the Delta, from East Mississippi to the Gulf Coast.”  Cole added, “This is an example of what teamwork can do. We are so proud of the hundreds of local Democratic activists who put their hearts and souls into these campaigns.  These victories clearly demonstrate that a well-organized grassroots ground game is the winning strategy for Democrats.  These are personal defeats for Phil Bryant, Tate Reeves, and the leadership of the Mississippi Republican Party.  These self-styled big shots pitted their influence as power brokers up against the grassroots power of the common people and the big shots lost every single battle.”

Brandon Jones, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Trust said, “This was not an accident. We began our work on these races months ago and our candidates focused on the issues facing their local communities while Republicans, by and large, built their campaigns around endorsements.”

Jones added, “The team approach works. When Democrats come together to support candidates who promote smart economic growth for all, openness, accessibility, and a common sense, community-oriented approach to local government, good things happen”


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