Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mississippi's Legislative Special Session is now live:

Watch it here. Feel free to comment below.

EDIT: While they are in committee, please follow along with Cottonmouth's twitter account.

EDIT: Map of Health Exchange Map (which counties will be left off from tax credits from federal program) Many thanks to Rep. David Baria for posting this:


Jill B said...

Idle thoughts - since the Legislature refuses to let the State run the exchange, I can't buy insurance in my county. OTOH, if they *had* let the State run it, the Ins. Commish could have mandated that insurance be offered in every county. Seems like I'm being deprived of something the rest of the State (and the Country) can access.

Jill B said...

Since the Legislature refuses to allow the State to run the exchange, this has the functional effect of denying me the ability to purchase insurance according to the ACA. What's my relief, if any?