Friday, June 7, 2013

Columbus Dispatch: Brandon Presley, like his cousin Elvis, ROCKS

The Columbus Dispatch, a paper not exactly known to pen kind editorials about Democrats, has published a glowing one about Northern District PSC Commissioner Brandon Presley (D).

Elected mayor of his native Nettleton at 23 years of age, Presley was reelected in 2011 for a second term as the Public Service Commssioner for the Northern District. He also serves on the board of the Mississippi Democratic Trust.

The best part about the editorial is that they recognized what many of us already have about Commissioner Presley: that he's about the least self-interested person in elective office in Mississippi, if not the nation. That will be quite a contrast to whomever Presley lines up against next. My prediction? Voters across Mississippi will have the opportunity to vote for Presley in the 2015 election.

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karenjo said...

If Gov Phil continues to put foot in mouth (and thumb up his @ss) then Presley should have no problem