Thursday, June 27, 2013

BREAKING - House Democrats get their Medicaid expansion vote

The House Democrats, who had been fighting all year for the opportunity to have a vote on Medicaid expansion, finally got one.  On a 65-51 vote, the Mississippi House of Representatives voted to not expand Medicaid or to examine the Democratic compromise plan, which would have used federal money to purchase private insurance.  (Thus avoiding the expansion of the Department of Medicaid altogether.)

After the vote, Democrats did as they've promised all along, and the appropriations bill passed 115-1.  The action now shifts to the Senate tomorrow, where efforts are underway to place a repealer into the Medicaid reauthorization bill that passed the House today.

Congratulations to House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Bobby Moak (D - Bogue Chitto) on a masterful job of putting everyone on the record on Medicaid expansion!

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