Friday, May 24, 2013

GOP support for Medicaid expansion building; Sen. Billy Hudson (R - Hattiesburg) says Bryant should call special session to expand

Two months ago, Rep. Charles Busby (R - Pascagoula) was the first legislative Republican to voice support of Medicaid expansion.  Thursday, Sen. Billy Hudson (R - Hattiesburg) joined him.

At a meeting of the Forrest County Board of Supervisors, Sen. Hudson said he would support Medicaid expansion.  As for his reasons, he stated:
“Medicaid affects Forrest County more than other counties because of our health care facilities,” he said. “We have approximately 6,000 health care-related jobs, and with cuts to DSH payments, Forrest General alone would have to absorb the cuts by decreasing its staff by more than 200 jobs.”
Gov. Phil Bryant, of course, responded by saying he won't call a special session that addresses expansion.  I'm glad some more sensible Republicans are starting to speak out on this.

Thank you, Sen. Hudson.

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