Friday, April 26, 2013

Report: Health Department lays off 40 workers to privatize maternal and infant health care

Word is that the State Health Department laid off 40 social workers Monday, some with up to 24.5 years of state service.  They reportedly did this to privatize maternal and infant health care, a move that the Legislature had refused to sign off on this session.  Apparently, they believe they can do this administratively.

There's also word that the benefactor of the privatization would be Magnolia Health Plan.  Magnolia spent $240,000 on the lobbying services of Clare Hester and Henry Barbour in the last two years.

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SmartStatistic (Laurie Bertram Roberts) said...

so you know Magnolia sucks and many Medicaid providers won't take it. The state knows that and has pushed forward with privatizing care in Mississippi anyways knowing that the reason costs are going down is because access is going down because providers aren't taking Magnolia or United.