Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moody's warns of dangers of failing to expand Medicaid

*This isn't exactly breaking news.  Mal's St. Paddy's Parade, work, and the Great Hail Storm of 2013 kept me from posting this before now.

Here's some more evidence that Gov. Phil Bryant (R) is driving our state even further off of the proverbial cliff: Moody's, the Wall Street investor service that rates the creditworthiness of outfits like state governments and...ahem...hospitals, issued a warning late last week addressing Medicaid expansion.  I'll sum it up the warning for you: DSH payments to hospitals are going to be cut, meaning states are going to have to replace those payments to hospitals out of their budgets or hospitals are going to have to do without that money. I think we all know what option will play out here in Mississippi if we don't expand.

In a totally unsurprising note within the warning, Moody's says "Pressures will be greatest in states that opt out of Medicaid expansion, but have a relatively high proportion of uninsured residents...."  Who do you think they're talking about there?

Hospitals of Mississippi: Flounder with Phil, y'all.  

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