Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cracks beginning to show in MSGOP opposition to Medicaid expansion; Rep. Charles Busby says no credible argument against expansion

The Mississippi Press of Pascagoula ran a story a few days back concerning Singing River Hospital CEO Chris Anderson making the rounds building support for Medicaid expansion.  Mr. Anderson's case is clear, and it's the same one we've been making here:  not expanding Medicaid is going to cost Mississippi more than just jobs; it will cost us hospitals.

Well, Republicans are beginning to take notice.  One, at least.  Rep. Charles Busby (R - Pascagoula) was quoted as saying the following:

"Ideologically, I'm 100 percent opposed to (Medicaid expansion)," he said. "However, ideologically that argument is over. The ACA has passed and is the law of the land." 
While Busby has not fully made up his mind, "it's going to be hard to develop a credible argument against expansion," he said, since Mississippians' federal taxes will fund the health care reform.
Here's hoping that more Republicans begin to see this the way Busby does.

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