Friday, February 1, 2013

Dr. Phil & "Playing Politics"

Yesterday, Mississippi House Democrats warded off an attempt to deny the state a shot at Medicaid expansion. In a move to kill the expansion option, a bill was introduced to extend the current Medicaid plan beyond its current deadline.

Emily Wagster Pettus (Associated Press) reports that Minority Leader Moak and others saw through the plan:

The House Democratic leader, Rep. Bobby Moak of Bogue Chitto, urged party members to vote against the Medicaid reauthorization bill Thursday because it could not be changed to add Medicaid expansion. He said a Senate bill could be amended later. There's a technical reason the House bill couldn't be amended: It doesn't contain the right sections of state law, and House rules prohibit adding sections that aren't in the original draft.

According to Rep. Moak, Medicaid expansion could add up to 9,000 new jobs for the state, and would provide health care for thousands of Mississippians with little to no help.  Yet Governor Bryant insists that the Democrats are the ones playing politics with Mississippians' health.

More from AP:
 "I am certainly prepared to run Medicaid by executive order to prevent nursing home patients and aged, blind and disabled adults from losing services," Bryant said in a news release Thursday. "I believe the Democratic leadership's threatening the care of vulnerable citizens to advance a political agenda is shameful."

But as we know, "Dr. Phil" believes that anyone who needs health care already has it.

So which one is it? Do Mississippians need access to these services or not?

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