Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Music minister that ensnared Speaker Philip Gunn in child molestation controversy pleads guilty

This morning in Hinds County Circuit Court, former music minister John Langworthy pled guilty to five counts of felony gratification of lust.  Langworthy was the music minister of Morrison Heights Baptist Church in Clinton, where Speaker Philip Gunn (R - Clinton) serves as an elder.  The plea will save Speaker Philip Gunn (R - Clinton) from being compelled to testify at Langworthy's trial, and will spare Langworthy any prison time.

During the investigation of Langworthy's crimes, Speaker Gunn advised his fellow church elders not to cooperate with police as they attempted to determine whether or not Langworthy had, in fact, molested young boys.  Going further, Gunn allegedly attempted to quiet the individuals who first made law enforcement aware of Langworthy's molestations.

Meanwhile, over the last few years, Gunn was the main author of legislation to make illegal what he did in this case.

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