Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Dr. Phil, only this time more insulting!

BRYANT: I would rather pay extra to Blue Cross [to help cover uncompensated costs for the uninsured], rather than have to raise taxes to pay for additional Medicaid recipients. Medicaid recipients multiply their visits to a physician. It’s clear once someone goes on Medicaid, the number of times they go to a physician doubles, quadruples.  
KHN: Some experts may argue people new to Medicaid have many health issues they need to address.
BRYANT: I make the argument that it’s free. It’s free and you have nothing else to do.
And to think, we were embarrassed by Congressman Steven Palazzo's vote on Hurricane Sandy relief.


Nina Peele said...

Satire, please say it is!!!

Matt Eichelberger said...

Sorry, Nina. That's real. And not out of context. Take a look at the whole thing. It's shameful.

Whitney said...

As someone with serious, chronic health issues, this bullshit really pisses me off.

I'm lucky enough to have a career that affords me fantastic health care - and the money to pay for what I need outside of my coverage, but not everyone is me.

Dr. Phil, your privilege is showing. Maybe you should recognize it?