Monday, January 21, 2013

House Republican leadership will attempt to ram through charter schools bill today

I've received word from the Capitol that House Education Committee Chairman Rep. John Moore (R - Brandon) has sent text messages to members of his committee indicating that they will bring up for a vote his charter schools bill, which was filed this morning.

The bill is 251 pages long and was not available for anyone other than close allies of Rep. Moore to read until a few short hours ago.  His bill, HB 369, may be read in its entirety here.  The bill's title is 2,263 words long, and it amends, brings forward, or repeals 75 separate code sections.

A very quick review of the first few pages of the bill reveals that charters schools may not be created in A, B, or C school districts unless the school board votes to request one.  This would be in conflict with Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves' position that charters schools should be allowed in all districts, regardless of how they are performing.

A word search reveals that this bill also would create virtual charter schools, which are the source of much controversy, are allowed under this bill.

More on this as I learn it.

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