Thursday, January 24, 2013

Former DA: Gov. Bryant might not be so arrogant sitting in a holding cell

Former District Attorney Hank Jolly of West Point, MS tees off on Gov. Phil Bryant (R) over Bryant's statements regarding ignoring federal law in a letter to the editor in today's Clarion-Ledger:
Gov. Ross Barnett and Gov. George Wallace tried to defy the federal government with very little success. If our governor is not already on the radar screen of the United States Justice Department and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, I bet he soon will be. 
But he is still my governor, and I respect that, but he might not be so arrogant sitting in a holding cell in the Federal Courthouse in Jackson at some point in the future, awaiting sentencing on federal obstruction of justice charges for his actions in this regard. It is not worth it for any reason, especially not political grandstanding.
I encourage you to read the whole thing, and pat Mr. Jolly on the back next time you see him.  Bravo, sir!

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Gary said...

Free advice from a lawyer to a governor about breaking the law? Free advice from a lawyer is suspicious. I suspect an agenda is involved. We have lots of lawyers in government, now, and we see how utterly screwed up things are. The inappropriately named Affordable Healthcare Act is a case in point. It is ANYTHING BUT affordable. If it were not so serious, it would be laughable. Actions to protect our 2nd Amendment guarantees against infringement of rights are serious because they are being attacked by the same type of lawyers that have been successful in screwing our government up.

What protection do we have from a tyrannical Federal government that thinks nothing about breaking law, issuing edicts that they WILL NOT enforce THE LAWS they deem inappropriate to their way of thinking, or going against the will of the people? Or a Supreme Court - that pundits claim - creates law in lockstep with tyrannical Executive and Legislative branches? Ordering regulatory arms and employees to regulate US into a servitude that no one would have accepted in the open as legislation or law seems tyrannical to many. Seizing personal property through zoning and regulation is still seizure.

We have a governor that is willing to do all within his power to protect the unalienable rights of the citizens of this state. I say kudos to Gov. Bryant. We finally have someone who sees the infringements of, and potential of a tyrannical federal government. So, Mr. Jolly from West Point is a lawyer? Interesting. So be it. I'm not impressed with many lawyers' understanding of what path we are on. But, maybe it is the path they wish for US. Many lawyers and law makers are all in favor of the direction the Fed and some states are going toward gun confiscation.

If our states do not stand up for the rights recognized in our Constitution, we are subject to an overreaching federal government doing away with them bit by bit. All with a complicit progressive media, US Legislature, SCOTUS, and lawyers with free advice to achieve the Progressive agenda.

Kudos to Governor Bryant. May he succeed! May the progression toward Marxism in our republic cease and be cast into the bin with other failures in history. If the people we elected to represent US at the Federal level acted responsibly to use the right of impeachment, there would be some with a less arrogant attitude.