Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Justice Mike Randolph racking up the endorsements from trial lawyers

Justice Mike Randolph is up for reelection to the Mississippi Supreme Court this year, and it appears as though he'll have an easy ride.  His opponent, Tal Braddock, is rather known for erratic behavior and not considered a serious candidate.  Evidence of that would include the fact that Justice Randolph was just endorsed by the Mississippi Physicians in the wake of having the following as hosts for a central Mississippi fundraiser:

Lawyers for Justice Mike Randolph

When trial lawyers, doctors, and BIPEC are all on the same page, that kind of tells you something about the candidates in the race, doesn't it?


Tom Garmon said...

Well, at least we know who is buying their justice. Looking at his donor sheet, I'd say the doctors who own Randolph the most are the proctologists. Good luck to the little people. They will need it with another corporate defense lawyer in there.

Unknown said...

Did anyone notice Tal Braddock, who counts on liberal vote, steal Republican Steve Palazzo's campaign platform almost word for word and use it on his campaign web site?

What a stupid thief! This sleazy, dishonest man actually thinks he qualify to be on Supreme Court.