Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rep. Aldridge ordered to repay $218,355 to elderly aunt

Late last summer, news broke that Rep. Brian Aldridge (R-Tupelo) had been accussed of misusing funds belonging to his elderly aunt, Florence Aldridge.  At the conclusion of trial in December, Chancellor Michael Malski entered an order requiring Aldridge's parents to repay $552,000 and Aldridge's charity, Touched by an Angel Ministries, Inc., to repay $140,100.

Florence Aldridge's attorneys returned to court asking that the judge personally include Rep. Aldridge in the judgment.  On Wednesday, this request was granted.  Chancellor Malski has entered an order requiring Rep. Aldridge to pay $218,355 to his aunt.  The Judge wrote, "Brian breached his duty as an officer of Touched By An Angel Ministries, Inc. and is individually liable to Florence."   

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