Thursday, March 1, 2012

The vote on the beer bill: See how they voted

Here's the vote on HB 1422, the bill to raise the alcohol by weight limit from 5% to 8%:

FOR (67) - 36 Democrats and 31 Republicans

Alday, Aldridge, Bailey, Baria, Barker, Barton, Bennett, Blackmon,
Broomfield, Brown (66th), Buck (5th), Buck (72nd), Burnett, Busby, Calhoun,
Carpenter, Clarke, Cockerham, Coleman (29th), Coleman (65th), Crawford,
DeBar, DeLano, Dickson, Eure, Evans (70th), Evans (43rd), Flaggs, Frierson,
Gibbs, Guice, Haney, Harrison, Hines, Holland, Hood, Horan, Johnson, Lamar,
Martinson, Mayo, McGee, McLeod, Mettetal, Middleton, Moak, Myers, Nelson,
Oberhousen, Patterson, Perkins, Read, Shows, Smith (27th), Smith (39th),
Snowden, Staples, Thomas, Upshaw, Watson, White, Whittington, WilliamsBarnes, Woods, Young, Zuber, Mr. Speaker.

AGAINST (45) - 19 Democrats and 26 Republicans

Arnold, Bain, Banks, Bell, Boyd, Brown (20th), Byrd, Chism, Clark,
Currie, Denny, Eaton, Ellis, Evans (91st), Formby, Gardner, Gipson, Hamilton,
Holloway, Horne, Howell, Huddleston (15th), Huddleston (30th), Jennings, Lane,
Lott, Malone, Massengill, Miles, Mims, Moore, Morgan, Pigott, Rogers (14th),
Rogers (61st), Scott, Shirley, Steverson, Straughter, Stringer, Sullivan, Turner,
Warren, Weathersby, Wooten.

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