Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rep. Gary Chism's abhorrent HB 562 is DEAD

House Bill 562, a bill written by Rep. Gary Chism (R - Columbus) that has been discussed here and at Mississippi Litigation Review, is dead.  You'll remember Rep. Chism from his stellar work in the Legislature forcing people to buy his products.

This bill would have required losing plaintiffs and their lawyers to pay the defendant's attorneys fees, but not the other way around.  This bill was a perfect example of the special type of animus that many Republicans have for the legal system.  I haven't been able to prove that HB 562 was an ALEC model bill, but it certainly smells like something they would cook up.

Either way, kudos to Rep. Mark Baker (R - Brandon) for refusing to bring the bill out of Judiciary A and killing this un-American bill.


nmisscommenter said...

As I noted on my blog (with an appropriate bit of video from The Wizard of Oz, this is a cause for celebration.

Cottonmouth said...

Nice! Thanks for the link.