Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet Your Chairmen, Part 3 - Rep. John Moore (because sometimes one introduction just isn't enough)

As we wait for Rep. Moore to resume his assault on public education in Mississippi at today's House Education Committee meeting, here are more fun facts from Rep. Moore's past for your reading pleasure.

Back in its Fall 2004 Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Center mentioned Rep. Moore's name among other notable Mississippi Republicans who enjoyed a close relationship with the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist organization formerly headed by Richard Barrett.

Apparently, Barrett and Moore's relationship was a very close one as Moore was named a beneficiary in Barrett's will (alongside the Government of Iran).  To read more about Barrett and the Council of Conservative Citizens, check here and here.  

Assuming Rep. Moore is successful in his efforts to dismantle Mississippi's K-12 program, it'll be interesting to see what he and the CCC come up with as a replacement.


political observer said...

This is disconcerting. He is also the author of the bill prohibiting the teaching of the civil rights era in public schools. Gotta love my home county of Rankin.

CW said...

I'm surprised Barret was able to become head of the CCC in Mississippi. I thought they liked to pretend they weren't *really* racist. There was no pretense with Barret - he was about as overt as it gets.

That said, the idea that a Mississippi legislator was that close to Barret and open and avowed white supremacist and member of the virulent White Nationalists is stunning.