Wednesday, March 28, 2012

***BREAKING*** - Intrigue builds as House Education Committee may not pass Senate charter school bill

Representatives were called into Republican Speaker Philip Gunn's office today prior to the House Education Committee meeting, at which the Senate charter schools bill was to be presented.  The intention of the meeting was to press Education Committee members into voting for the bill.  The effort may not have worked, however, as Chairman John Moore (R - Brandon) announced during the committee meeting that there had been a late development. The bill was laid on the table subject to call, and the committee adjourned until tomorrow morning.  There's much more, though.

Word is that freshman Rep. Steve Massengill (R - Hickory Flat) is the deciding vote. Apparently he informed committee Republicans today that he would not be supporting the bill. Rep. Becky Currie (R - Brookhaven), who was "whipping" votes for the bill, was seen to mouth the words "one vote short" to charter school supporters in the room.

The bill is up before the committee tomorrow, so look for arm-twisting and horse-trading overnight, with threats of redistricting in the air.

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