Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Abortion debate raging on House floor at the moment. Link to live feed

Here's the live feed.  The bill being debated is HB 1390, which would require doctors who perform abortions be board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and to have admitting privileges at local hospitals.  The goal, and the possible effect, of this bill is to prevent abortions from being performed in Mississippi.

Rep. Sam C. Mims, V (R - McComb) is the author of the bill, and he is defending himself at the podium now.  There appear to be "difficulties" with the system which are preventing Mims from hearing the questions.  You can hear everything just fine on the live feed above.

"That never entered my mind." - Rep. Sam Mims, V when asked whether or not he considered that some women may not be able to afford to travel out of state to get life-saving abortions.

Rep. David Baria (D - Bay St. Louis) asked what would happen if a woman was raped by one of the convicts Haley Barbour just turned loose.  Shouldn't she have the ability to get an abortion in Mississippi?  Rep. Sam Mims, V responded that he would "choose life."

Rep. Adrienne Wooten (D - Jackson) - "What happens if I get raped and you've closed down the only abortion clinic in Mississippi?"  Rep. Wooten argues that the bill is merely another attempt to void the vote of Mississippians on Personhood.

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