Tuesday, February 28, 2012

***BREAKING*** - PSC unified in concerns over Rep. Jim Beckett's HB 825

Central District Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey (R) broke his silence this morning on the issue of HB 825, which would remove all state oversight of AT&T.  (Previous articles herehere, and here.)  Commissioner Posey joins Commissioners Brandon Presley (D) and Leonard Bentz (R) in expressing his concerns over the bill.  In his press release, Posey asks that the bill be sent to a study committee.

HB 825 was written by House Public Utilities Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Beckett (R - Bruce), who has been paid handsomely by AT&T of late.  Over the years, Beckett has received $2,500.00 in campaign contributions from AT&T.  Additionally, just this past December AT&T treated Beckett and his wife to meals and golf at a swanky Arizona resort.  Less than 90 days after getting the royal treatment from AT&T, Beckett filed HB 825, which would remove AT&T from state regulation.

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