Friday, January 20, 2012

Committee appointments made

There will be more later, but here's a recap of the appointments via my Twitter posts:

Ag Committee Chairman: Preston Sullivan
Bill Denny resumes his role as chair of Elections, where he last tried to kill Moter Voter
Herb Frierson will be chair of Appropriations, as had been rumored
Banking Committee chair will be Hank Zuber
Conservation will be chaired by Jessica Upshaw
Constitution committee will be chaired by Scott DeLano.
Corrections will be chaired by George Flaggs
County Affairs will be chaired by Bobby Shows.
John Moore will chair Education
Chair of Energy will be Angela Cockerham.
Enrolled Bills chair is Earl Banks
Exec Contingency Fund is chaired by Forrest Hamilton; John Read will chair Salaries; Forestry will be chaired by Becky Currie
Gaming chair is Richard Bennett
Insurance chair is Gary Chism
Interstate Cooperation chair is Tommy Woods
Investigative State Offices chaired by Chuck Espy
Mark Baker is chair of Jud A; Reynolds is vice-chair
Jud B chair is Andy Gipson
George Flaggs will chair Legislative Budget committee
Mark Baker will chair Legislative Reapportionment
Joe Warren will chair Local & Private
Casey Eure will chair Marine Resources
Bobby Howell is Medicaid chair
Municipalities will be chaired by Ed Blackmon
PEER committee to be chaired by Kimberly Buck
Ports - Alex Monsour
Public Health to be chaired by Sam Mims
Public Property chair is Tom Weathersby
Public Utilities chair is Jim Beckett
State Library chair is Margaret Rogers
Rita Martinson will chair Tourism
Transportation chair is Robert Johnson
Universities - Nolan Mettetal
Ways & Means chair is Jeff Smith
Wildlife chair is Scott Bounds
Workforce Development chair is Donnie "Mississippi Judas" Bell
John Hines named to chair Family Affairs or whatever they've decided to call it.

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