Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Butler Snow hires Haley Barbour after all

Reported here a month ago and then dispelled, it is official that Haley Barbour is going to join the Butler Snow law firm after all.

Here's the press release on the Butler Snow website.

Oh, and here's an excerpt from an interview with Barbour last month:
"The place that would make the most sense, that would be the most logical, would be BGR," he said Monday. "But one of the issues that I will have about anything is, making speeches takes a lot of time. So you're not very valuable to a lobbying firm or a law firm or a counseling firm or whatever if you're footin' all over the country and around the world, making speeches." (Emphasis mine.)
Barbour will also be rejoining his old firm in DC, BGR, according to the press release. In addition, Barbour's former Chief of Staff, Paul Hurst, will join Butler Snow as well.

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