Monday, December 19, 2011

On the passing of a Jackson legal legend

On the top of the Hinds County Circuit Courthouse stand statues of two great men. Both known to the ages for their contributions to law, Hammurabi and Moses are worthy of this tribute.

Inside that courthouse this morning, we observed a moment of silence for Sam Wilkins. Sam was known not only for his contributions to the law, but also to our community. Sam lifted the spirits of all around him, and served as a mentor to many younger lawyers. He also raised a son, Rocky, who has gone on to emulate the commitment to community and the law that his father exemplified.

There will not be a statue of Sam Wilkins on top of the Hinds County Courthouse. There will, however, always be one in the hearts of the members of the Hinds County bar. He is certainly worthy of that tribute.

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