Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The "Barbour to Butler Snow" rumor appears to be unfounded

It looks like all of the talk over the last few weeks about Gov. Barbour heading to the Butler Snow law firm was off base. In today's Clarion-Ledger, Emily Wagster-Pettus has an article detailing Gov. Barbour's plans after he leaves office, and from what he's telling her, it appears as though no decision has been made about the future.

According to the article, Barbour is set to give a paid speech to a Barclays Bank gathering in Miami the day after he leaves office, and is looking to give more speeches in the future. Though he intends to keep an office in Jackson, Barbour talked about rejoining his old lobbying firm, not Butler Snow:
"The place that would make the most sense, that would be the most logical, would be BGR," he said Monday. "But one of the issues that I will have about anything is, making speeches takes a lot of time. So you're not very valuable to a lobbying firm or a law firm or a counseling firm or whatever if you're footin' all over the country and around the world, making speeches."

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