Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rep. Diane Peranich responds to false attacks

Here is the response of Rep. Diane Peranich (D-Pass Christian) to the vicious false attacks her opponent (backed by Jackson lobbyists) has been throwing her way over the last few days:

Dear Friends,

Since June, my family and I have knocked on doors and met with thousands of voters to offer an accounting of my efforts to be true to the people of the Coast in growing our jobs base, improving our schools, and in fighting for insurance relief. Because I know that these are your values, I have always been an independent voice for the people of the Coast.

Unfortunately, Jackson big shots and out-of-state special interest groups have dumped never-before-seen truckloads of negative mail, distortions, and lies into our mailboxes. The purveyors of these falsehoods know that I cannot be bought. They know that I represent the Coast and that I cannot be intimidated by big-money special interests. The aim of this grotesque barrage of falsehood is to turn this seat into an obedient voice for the Jackson big shots rather than leave it an independent voice for the Coast.

At the door you have invariably asked questions about jobs, insurance reform, and public education. I am happy to talk about my stewardship on these issues because as a mother and grandmother these Coast issues and values are dear to my heart.

As Chairman of the House Tourism Committee, I led the effort that saved the jobs of 17,000 Coast families with the onshore gaming bill after Katrina. As you know, this was an uphill battle, against unsympathetic up-state leaders. Moreover, I authored the Tourism Incentive Bill and sponsored projects that have added 2,100 new tourism jobs to the Coast economy in the past year. Unfortunately, the mailers we have seen each day from Jackson special interests are strikingly silent on our Gulf Coast need for special care for our tourism jobs base.

As a person who lost a home in Katrina and was then driven into the State Wind Pool, I feel the insurance issue in my bones. That’s why I co-authored legislation for an insurance policy-holder’s bill of rights, and that’s why I fought for clear language, honest coverage, and lower rates. The Jackson big shots and out-of-state special interests now funding the negative mail attack against me fought against our Gulf Coast insurance reform package.

In keeping faith with our Gulf Coast children, I co-authored legislation to fund education first, even in tight budget years. I am proud to have earned awards and citations for my leadership in the fight to properly fund our public schools and community colleges – including citations from the State Superintendent of Education, the Mississippi Association of Educators, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Moreover, at the USM Park Campus, I am proud to have led in the successful fight to create a true four-year university opportunity for the Coast. As you know, the Coast’s passion for public education is not shared by the Jackson big shots who want to control this seat.

Because I was born here and grew up loving this community and its people, it has truly been an honor to serve you over the years. On Tuesday, I respectfully ask that you consider my proven record for Coast values in growing our tourism jobs base, lifting our schools, and fighting for insurance reform. I believe that you will conclude that my record of solid achievement offers a clear basis for your continued support. Therefore, once again, I respectfully ask for your vote and pray God’s blessings on you as you exercise this sacred duty on Tuesday.

Diane Peranich
State Representative, Mississippi House District 121

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