Thursday, November 10, 2011

House Majority Leader Tyrone Ellis speaks about control of House

Here is the text of a press release from House Majority Leader Tyrone Ellis (D-Starkville) this afternoon:

“There is a lot of talk regarding that the Republicans have taken over the House of Representatives. This is in response to any misconception or misunderstanding of this matter. The total count as of today is as follows: House Democrats-59 votes and House Republicans-59 votes.

The position we have taken is to await the conclusion of the whole matter before we consider rendering any form of a decision as to where we are. When we have all of the certified numbers in and have been declared victory or defeat, we shall continue to work in the development of preparations in moving our state forward.

Regardless of the outcome, the House Democrats can and will assure the citizens of Mississippi that we are positioned and willing to work with all of our elected officials in putting together a budget that will enhance the efforts that have already been made to continue moving Mississippi forward.

We congratulate Lieutenant Governor-elect Tate Reeves, and Governor-elect Phil Bryant, and look forward to working with them both. And as Governor-elect Bryant has stated, “We are ready to work in a bipartisan manner for the benefit of all Mississippians.“

Regardless to who wins the leadership of the House, our Democratic Caucus is prepared to the complete resolution of putting forth our best effort in getting Mississippi on the road to more positive results and better lifestyles for its citizens. Again, until the results are certified, we are still the majority. Thank you and God bless the State of Mississippi.”

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