Thursday, October 27, 2011

Republican dirty tricks being used against Sen. David Baria (D-Bay St. Louis)

Sen. David Baria (D-Bay St. Louis), is running to replace retiring Rep. J.P. Compretta in District 122. Compretta has endorsed Baria as his replacement.  Dorothy Wilcox, Baria's Republican opponent, recently sent out a mailer with a doctored photograph of Baria and his son.

Here's the original picture of Baria with his son, Max, at the local Christmas parade:

And here's the edited mailer:

Notice that Baria's son has been cropped out of the picture, and that the color tone of the photo in the mailer is different.

Here is Sen. Baria's response:

The Dorothy Wilcox negative mail campaign continues, and this time she and the big insurance companies and corporations funding her campaign have crossed the line. Mrs. Wilcox is letting her backers call the shots now, just like she would if she was elected. Big insurance and corporations don't need more representation in Jackson, but the citizens of Hancock County do.

As for her recent mailing, she claims my votes in the Legislature have led to higher health care costs. This is an outright lie. The truth is that I was the leader in working to kill the administration's $200 million hospital bed tax during the 2009 Session. This is why the Mississippi Hospital Association is supporting me and not Mrs. Wilcox. You've got to wonder about a candidate who is willing to say or do anything to win.

Attacking me with falsehoods and misrepresentations on behalf of her insurance company backers is one thing. However, when she manipulates a family picture of me and my 3-year old son at a Christmas parade for political gain she has crossed the line. See attached.

Billion dollar corporations and insurance companies will stop at nothing to put the person in office who will do their bidding. The same kind of shameful tactics Mrs. Wilcox and her insurance buddies are using in this campaign remind me of how low they stooped in the days following Katrina. If you want a man who will stand up to them, I need your help on November 8th.

Thank you again for the opportunity to represent you in the Mississippi Legislature. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 228.466.3346 if you have any questions about the allegations contained in Mrs. Wilcox's mailer.

Looks like Wilcox fits right in with the slime show the Mississippi Republican Party is calling its election efforts this fall.

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dragon girl said...

I would think that the people of South Mississippi would be wary of candidates who are completely supported by big corporations, especially insurance companies. We are just beginning to feel the pain of the loss of Gene Taylor. Check out the voting record of Palazzo, another corporate candidate, and see if he has been representing us. We can not afford to make the same mistake and lose a person the caliber of David Baria.