Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The FY 2013 budget hearings are underway

Monday, key legislators began meeting to formulate a budget for Fiscal Year 2013. The hearings included testimony from Institutions for Higher Learning and the State Personnel Board. The Mississippi Economic Policy Council was at the hearings, and here's what they are reporting as the highlights from Monday:
Fewer State Workers; Those Remaining Earn Less

  • As of June 30, 2011, State employment experienced the largest decrease in employee numbers in the last decade.
  • With 62% of state employees earning less than $34,279, many state workers are earning wages below self sufficiency levels.

Fewer Resources to Support Mississippi’s College Students

  • At Mississippi State University, faculty to student ratios have increased from 15 or 16 students per faculty member to above 20 students per faculty member since the downturn began.
  • In FY1998, 54% of the university system’s revenue came through state appropriations while 33% came from tuition. By FY2012, the two funding sources flipped, and 57% of revenue now comes through student tuition.
I highly recommend that you follow MEPC at their website or through Facebook or Twitter. They do an excellent job.

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