Saturday, August 13, 2011

The priest killing and the character witness thing tie for first in Steve Simpson poll

Alright, the poll is closed and the results are in. There was a tie for first place among Steve Simpson's most despicable acts, with acting as a character witness for an accused child rapist and turning loose a child rapist who later killed a priest each getting 24% of the vote. Second place went to buying a yacht while his property taxes went unpaid, which barely edged out getting his friend out of jail before he was supposed to be released. (16% and 14%, respectively.)

Rounding out the field was Not allowing an abused woman to put on a defense in her murder trial with 10%, taking a big raise while DPS suffered budget cuts at 4%, and the Hatch Act/campaign finance debacle, also at 4%.

In all, the poll reveals what is consistently a trend in prosecutorial elections in Mississippi, be they for DA or AG: protecting women and children is the top priority. That's good news for Attorney General Jim Hood, who has an excellent record on this issue. It's bad news for Republican Attorney General nominee Stephen Simpson, for obvious reasons.

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