Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rep. Bennie Thompson: "I am standing with Mayor Johnny DuPree"

In a big announcement earlier today, Congressman Bennie Thompson announced his endorsement of Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree in the Democratic gubernatorial primary over Clarksdale businessman and attorney Bill Luckett.  Here is the full text of the announcement email:
Dear Matt,

I have known Johnny DuPree for over 20 years. During this time, I have witnessed his steadfast commitment and passion for service during his tenure as a Forrest County Board Supervisor and as the Mayor of Hattiesburg. I believe this relentless spirit will prove to serve the people of Mississippi well.

As Congressman of Mississippi’s Second Congressional District, I have traveled throughout Mississippi and have encountered Mississippians of all walks of life. I have met citizens who are struggling to find work, are dissatisfied with the state of our failing educational system, and are concerned about the future of healthcare and Medicaid. Mississippians are in need of a capable leader to move Mississippi into a posture for progressive change. Mayor Johnny DuPree is the competent candidate able to bring about this change.

Johnny exhibited his ability to recruit businesses to our state when he helped recruit a multimillion dollar corporation to Hattiesburg that will add over 1,000 jobs for Mississippians, and he has demonstrated fiscal responsibility by not raising taxes during the ten years that he has been mayor of Hattiesburg.

Mayor Dupree epitomizes what determined and pragmatic leadership should be and will help Mississippi realize its full potential by bringing equal access and opportunities to all Mississippians.

Johnny DuPree has always stood beside me, and I am standing with Johnny DuPree.

Please vote for Johnny DuPree for Governor of Mississippi on Tuesday, August 2nd.


Bennie G. Thompson
Member of Congress
United States House of Representatives, (MS-02)



This could be a scary precedent for white democrats. Will be interesting to see if other black lawmakers jump on board.

Sam said...

Why is a bad precedent for white Democrats?

Mayor DuPree has won a number of endorsements from white elected officials and voters. Likewise, Luckett has a few black elected officials who have endorsed him.

Somewhat the scary precedent again?