Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New poll: Which will be the "last straw" for Mississippi voters and Steve Simpson?

I mentioned Republican AG nominee Steve Simpson's first campaign email earlier today, but I left out something.  In the email, Simpson says Attorney General Jim Hood's refusal to devote his office's seriously depleted resources to joining the legal fight over Obamacare was "the last straw", and what led Simpson to throw his hat in the ring against Hood.

That "last straw" language prompts the first Cottonmouth poll of the season: After Hood trounces Simpson in November, which of the following incidents will have proven to be "the last straw" for Mississippi voters?

  1. Getting his friend out of jail before he was supposed to be released 
  2. The Hatch Act and campaign finance debacle
  3. Serving as a character witness for an accused child rapist
  4. The whole Willie Horton-esque deal from two weeks ago
  5. The Court of Appeals unanimously reversing him for not allowing an abused woman to put on a defense in a murder trial
  6. The huge raise Simpson took during department budget cuts
  7. Buying a yacht as his property taxes went unpaid

Did I miss something? Poll's open up top.


Leslie said...

Oh how I wish there was a way to pick more than one... I don't think there is just one "last straw" in his case.

mississippi citizen said...

I have a new one for your poll! Guess who is on the top of the Sec of State's list of non-filers of their campaign finance report...the one...the only...STEVE SIMPSON!


I wonder what his excuse is this time for breaking the law! The audacity of this guy to criticize Hood for his contributions when he won't even let anyone know what his contributions are!

Kristy said...

Jim Hood has a mullet. That's the "last straw" for me.

Kristina said...

Jim Hood loves to dig up dirt and says he doesn't like to talk bad about anyone. He has other people throw the mud for him. That's the "last straw" for me.