Monday, May 16, 2011

So, is it really over? Or will there be an appeal by the MSGOP, Gov. Barbour, or the NAACP?

One question left out there as a result of today's ruling from the three judge panel is whether or not any party will seek appellate review.  I imagine that question will be answered rather quickly, as the qualifying deadline is fast approaching.  I'll keep an ear to the ground to see if an appeal is filed.

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Unknown said...

This 'headline' shows how absolutely clueless, or rather - stupid - you are. You continue to try to spin that this ruling was a defeat for the GOP. Let me assure you that it is the GOP that is doing a victory dance, and the Dems are crying in their beer. Spent the evening last night with four Dem legislators, and they ALL admit that they got their tail handed to them on a platter.

I will guarantee you that there will not be an appeal by anybody associated with the GOP. But keep on spinning Matt, surely someone will believe you if you keep on crying wolf long enough.