Friday, May 6, 2011

Sen. Terry Burton asks Haley Barbour to call special session on redistricting

In a very interesting move, Sen. Terry Burton (R-Newton), the Chairman of the Joint Redistricting Committee, wrote Gov. Haley Barbour yesterday and asked him to call a special session to focus on redistricting.  Burton says he believes he and Rep. Tommy Reynolds (D-Charleston), the Vice-Chair of the Joint Redistricting Committee, can reach a compromise that will avoid having the federal three judge panel draw the lines.  Read the letter for yourself below:

Sen. Terry Burton's letter to Gov. Haley Barbour

*Scribd, which hosts the pdfs for this blog, has been slow to process new uploads this afternoon for some unknown reason.  If the link leads you to a page that says the document isn't available or is still processing, check back soon.


James Parker said...

Just to clarify, Sen. Burton is referring to the compromise as a standard redistricting plan, as opposed to an interim remedy - correct?

Cottonmouth said...

James, you are correct, sir.