Friday, April 29, 2011

Tom Hofeller: Republican for Hire

Today, the Mississippi GOP and Governor Barbour filed a joint reply to the House Election Committee’s motion to adopt its House plan as an intermediate solution to the redistricting question. In support of its motion, the GOP and Barbour attached a declaration signed by Dr. Thomas Hofeller, a Virginian who spends most of his affidavit trumpeting his experience in past redistricting battles. What isn’t mentioned in the good doctor’s affidavit and is given only short shrift in his resume is that Dr. Hofeller is a long time Republican hack who USA Today once referred to as a “key Republican general” in the fight to manipulate state politics through redistricting.

Dr. Hofeller was on the payroll at the Republican National Committee for most of the 80’s where he supervised all GOP data processing and served as its primary consultant on state and county party organizations. He was then elevated to the post of Redistricting Director for the GOP before taking a job with a campaign mail outfit based in Falls Church, Virginia.

Hofeller, who has directed the GOP’s redistricting effort for four consecutive decades can be counted on to provide “compactness” arguments anytime those arguments may stand to serve a Republican redistricting cause. Welcome to Mississippi, Tom.

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