Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The three judge panel has been named

The other two judges in NAACP v. Haley Barbour, et al, are Judges Jolly and Guirola. Republicans looking for a "fix" are currently crying in their Tico's steaks.

If I were to pick a three judge panel, it would be hard to imagine one more fair than this. Kudos to Chief Judge Edith Jones in her selections.


tom said...

This is excellent news.

Anderson said...

How do you cry into a steak?

... I understand that, blogging under your own name, you must adore the federal judiciary, but the panel in question seems like a nice Republican panel.

Cottonmouth said...

Anderson, it probably looks something like this.

This is not a "nice Republican panel." Sure, they were all appointed to the bench by Republican presidents, but that in no way means that they will play partisan politics, despite what some Republicans apparently believe. All three of these judges are held in the highest regard by the Bar. That's not me brown-nosing, that's just the truth.

tom said...

The 5th Circuit is heavily Republican, but I have a good feeling about this panel.

choggs said...

its really sad that anyone have to question this, but thats the state we're in. ):