Friday, April 8, 2011

House Elections Committee responds to Hosemann's Motion to Dismiss

The House Elections Committee has responded to Secretary of State Hosemann's Motion to Dismiss, and it much more eloquently states what I argued in my post about the Motion to Dismiss. Essentially, the argument is that the case is ripe because the current districts are unconstitutionally malapportioned right now, and the Legislature's action or inaction has nothing to do with that, unless they pass new maps. Also, the Committee argues that Watkins v. Mabus does not support the use of the 2001 maps, as Hosemann claims. To the contrary, Watkins stands for the exact opposite proposition, and the Watkins court only allowed the use of the old lines because they had no other choice due to time constraints. Here's the filing:

House Elections Committee's Response to Secretary of State Hosemann's Motion to Dismiss

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