Monday, April 18, 2011

***BREAKING*** - Status Conference Ordered in Redistricting Case; Court Hints at Using Legislative Plans as Interim Measure

From the Order:

Further, the parties are hereby given notice that at 9:30
a.m. on Friday, April 22, 2011, a status conference will be held
before the three-judge panel in Judge Lee’s courtroom. The
parties should be prepared to discuss all matters relating to this
case, including:

(1) the factual background;

(2) the constitutional issues presented;

(3) the specific remedy that the plaintiffs seek;

(4) whether the case is ripe for decision, see Miss. Const.
Art. 13, § 254;

(5) whether the respective plans adopted by the Mississippi
House of Representatives and Senate during the regular 2011
session satisfy the one person, one vote principle;

(6) the specific basis for any objections that the respective
parties have to adopting the plans adopted by the House of
Representatives and Senate during the 2011 session as the interim
remedy for the 2011 elections;

(7) the specific basis for any claims of racial
discrimination or dilution; and

(8) whether an evidentiary hearing is required and, if so,
what evidence would be presented at such hearing, and what the
respective parties would hope to establish at such hearing.

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