Friday, March 11, 2011

What "running twice' REALLY means for Mississippi

Mississippi Republicans have become quite cavalier in saying that they really don't care if the redistricting process breaks down or if it heads to court.  They say the cost of the extra election won't be an issue if we have legislative elections in 2011 and 2012, because there's already a presidential election scheduled for 2012.

Not so fast, oh self-proclaimed party of fiscal responsibility.  20 years ago, Mississippi faced the exact same situation Republicans are threatening to put us in again.  Here's what happened the last time legislators abdicated their duty and didn't get lines drawn in time for just one legislative election:

1991 (Year of statewide and legislative elections)

Regularly scheduled primary elections: September 17, 1991.
Regularly scheduled runoffs: October 8, 1991.
Regularly scheduled general election: November 5, 1991.

1992 (Year of presidential election)

Regularly scheduled presidential primary: March 12, 1992.
Special legislative primary: August 4, 1992.
Special legislative runoffs: August 25, 1992.
Regularly scheduled general election: November 3, 1992.

Notice anything?  Yeah, those two extra elections in 1992, the year of a presidential election.  And elections cost money.  So when Republicans tell you they're not worried about running twice, you have to ask yourself: what kind of fiscal responsibility is that?


newmagnolia said...

Phil Bryant allowed a bill to pass the senate that would collapse the pension system.

Speaker34 said...

Vainglorious Phil! has the capacity to really get out of hand - like that nutcase governor in Wisconsin. Give me Haley's boy any day.