Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tracking the GOP strategy and spin on redistricting (3/24/11)

Across the Republican blogosphere and state-funded talk radio, the constant drumbeat is this: Speaker McCoy needs to appoint conferees and "continue" the redistricting legislative process.

Let's be clear. We've said this before, and we'll keep saying it: the GOP strategy on redistricting is to run out the clock and force two elections. House Speaker Billy McCoy (D - Rienzi) has called them on it, and is proceeding to court in an effort to have the courts decide the matter before the June 1 qualifying deadline.

Let's face it: Redistricting was going to court anyway. The only way it was not going to a three-judge panel was for the Senate to honor the decades-old agreement between the chambers and approve the House plan. The House upheld its end of the bargain and accepted the GOP Senate plan without a single word in opposition. The Senate did not hold up its end of the deal, and that's their perogative. But Republicans needn't act like this is some high and mighty position they've taken.

It's partisan politics, and the GOP should go ahead and admit that.

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Kingfish said...

decades old agreement? Yet this is the first time redistricting took place with each chamber belonging to a different party. Of course the two sides are going to have such an agreement when they belong to the same party, regardless or R or D.