Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Speaker McCoy: There will not be any conference on redistricting

This afternoon, Speaker Billy McCoy (D-Rienzi) issued a statement that was read into the record. As we announced earlier, there will be no conferees appointed by the House should the Senate chose to invite conference. Rather, the House will forward JR 201 to DOJ for clearance. This means there will be litigation, and that the federal courts will draw the lines.

This likely prevents the dreaded and costly "run twice" scenario, saving Mississippi millions of dollars. That's important, seeing as we're having trouble paying for education and health care in these tight budget times.

Now what will the Senate do, knowing that the courts will draw the lines if they do not concur? The senators listed earlier as potential losers are sure to be drawn into oblivion by the courts. How will they vote now, knowing that their only path to survival is a vote to concur?

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