Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Profile in Redistricting "Courage" #3

This afternoon's Profile in Redistricting "Courage" is a twofer from Sumrall. Rep. Harvey Fillingane and his son, Sen. Joey Fillingane, have already had an active year in redistricting.
Rep. Harvey Fillingane (R-Sumrall)

Sen. Joey Fillingane (R-Sumrall)

During the redistriting process, Senator Fillingane delivered a note to the House Reappropriation Committee requesting that the committee split the town of Sumrall.  The proposal didn't sit too well with the citizens of Sumrall, and WDAM took note.

Sumrall Mayor Gerolene Rayborn suspected that this split was made for political reasons and in fact, Rep. Filingane does have an opponent from Sumrall who has qualified, Republican Hank Lott.

Hoping to gain support for this strategy, Rep. Fillingane distributed a map of the proposed plan showing Sumrall split in half to some citizens of the town. This drew the ire of Mayor Rayborn and several other Sumrall residents. When the heat was turned up, Rep. Fillingane withdrew the request made by his son to the House Committee. File under "gerrymandering misfire".


Unknown said...

According to the 2000 census numbers, the town of Sumrall, Mississippi had a population of 1005 (move over Cornfield County), 406 households and 265 families. So resorting to nepotism and gerrymandering was the logical play by the Fillingane clan when "diddy" drew an opponent. Sure. Oh and according to the same census, Sumrall was 76.62% white. I'm getting fairy-tale / Cinderella imagery again, but this time of the ugly step sisters forcing their feet into a glass slipper that clearly didn't fit...

Speaker34 said...

Pere et fils? Mon dieu! On n'est pas bete a ce point!