Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Profile in Redistricting "Courage" #2

Our second Profile in Redistricting "Courage" is Rep. Phillip Gunn (R-Clinton):
The Butcher of Clinton
Gunn's new district splits almost every precinct in my hometown of Clinton.  Clinton only has one unsplit precinct as a result.  Gunn was aware of this before the plan was unveiled, and he liked it. The fact that Gunn enjoyed the carving of Clinton so much is rather odd when you read this quote from the February 28, 2011 edition of the Clarion-Ledger:
Rep. Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, said from what he's hearing, the proposed House map makes "vast improvement" in the splits over the current map, though he has not seen it in its entirety.
Why, you may ask, would Gunn revel in carving up Clinton?  Well, let's look at the numbers:

The BVAP numbers for the City of Clinton as a whole:

Clinton 1: 20.50%
Clinton 2: 17.64%
Clinton 3: 26.08%
Clinton 4: 24.83%
Clinton 5: 13.12%
Clinton 6: 31.47%

Now let's look at the BVAP as Gunn likes it:

Clinton 1 (split): 11.62% (difference of -8.88%)
Clinton 2 (split): 12.48% (difference of -5.16%)
Clinton 3 (split): 14.94% (difference of -11.14%)
Clinton 4 (split): 12.28% (difference of -12.55%)
Clinton 5: 13.12% (whole precinct)
Clinton 6 (split): Gunn's share of this precinct has no population.

Now, we don't know exactly how much of the map he saw, but he certainly saw his own part.  Hypocrisy at its best... 

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